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99 Roses

Jul 20,2023 | Just Flowers by ZS

These beautiful flowers come in many different colors. You can convey your innermost feelings through the number of stems or the color of the roses you pick. So, which should you choose? Read along if you are trying to find out more information about choosing the perfect blooms to convey your feelings to the recipients:

Red roses represents romance, love and perfection! This is why red roses are the favorite color to choose for Valentines Day!  
Orange roses are bright which represent energy and excitement, send this to your loved ones after a big accomplishment
Yellow roses symbolizes friendship and care which makes it a perfect gift for friends
White roses are traditionally associated with marriage. Most commonly symbolizes purity, innocence, eternal loyalty and new beginning. 
Pink roses are often given to express your admiration of someone’s elegance or femininity, pink also represents joy and happiness. This color is also perfect to give to your mother, sisters or friends. 

1 rose: “Love at first sight”, or  “You are still the one”.
2 roses: Mutual love and affection.
3 roses: “I love you”
6 roses: “I want to be yours” 
10 roses: “You are my perfect love”.
11 roses: “You are my treasured one” 
12 roses: “Be mine”
99 roses: “everlasting love” – I will love you till the day I die!

Roses are extremely popular and widely used for proposals. Planning this significant moment with the perfect ring and a beautiful bouquet is an exciting task, as you wish to leave a wonderful and memorable moment for your special someone. Giving an appropriate bouquet on your proposal aids in creating a wonderful ambience and a step closer to her saying "Yes"!

A 99-roses bouquet, hence, is the most direct way to convey your desire when you are proposing to the special one you want to spend the rest of your life with! 

"Will you marry me?"